Homes for Sale in Maui

Other Maui areas While my expertise exists within the Up Country districts, I also service clients in the other Maui districts, including:

South side (Kihei/Wailea/Makena)

Kihei is known for its many vacation rental condos and active lifestyle with many shops and restaurants.  Many of the tourism business owners and employees live in the residential areas as well. Wailea has more of an upscale lifestyle with resorts, beautiful beaches, golf courses and golf communities. Makena has become a very exclusive area with excellent golf courses, amazing beaches and beautiful homes throughout.

West Side (Lahaina/Kaanapali/Kahana/Napili):

Lahaina was the port for the whalers back in the day but now it is widely known for its Front Street visitor attraction.  Shops, Galleries and Restaurants are plentiful.  It has been the host to some amazing Halloween festivals as the entire run of Front Street has been closed in favor of the costumed enthusiasts.  There are residential areas in the area as well.

Kaanapali is a separate strip of resort hotels, golf, restaurants and shopping.  There are some residential areas as well. Kahana/Napili, together with Kapalua, this district is located at the northern end of the west side of Maui and includes beautiful beaches and golf courses that are home to the Hyundai PGA tournament.

East side (Nahiku/Hana/Kipahulu):

Nahiku is where George Harrison settled in.  It is green, lush, quiet and beautiful.
Hana represents some of the richest Hawaiian history stories that are both told…and untold!  It’s a sleepy little town with not much happening there – but that is much of its charm.  However, there is a very nice resort hotel and some bed and breakfast places for you to stay in as well.
Kipahulu is located beyond Hana and together with its fellow east side towns, is considered quite remote and certainly some of the most beautiful areas on the planet.  The campgrounds are on a beautiful beach and host to Kipahulu.

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