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Hawaiian Outdoor Living Trends for 2021

We’re all spending much more time at home now than we did a few short years ago, so creating a dedicated outdoor living space is the perfect way to enjoy time alone, working or socializing with family amongst Hawaii’s natural beauty. Whethe...

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The Future Is Now: Home Electrification

From vehicles to lawn tools, electric features are here to stay and growing in popularity, which means homes need to be equipped to handle the demand. KEY TAKEAWAYS: As the demand for electric vehicles, solar battery backups, and elec...

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Add a Touch of Lush With a Staircase Garden

Green is in when it comes to design, especially amongst the younger buying pool, and staircase gardens provide a unique, aesthetically pleasing look for those who want a touch of nature. Staircases serve an important function both in and...

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Choosing a Room’s Color Based on Psychology

Selecting a color scheme for any room can help bring cohesiveness to your home’s appearance. Professional decorators have long known that the psychology of color and how we perceive color can influence our emotions and mood in a powerful way....

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How Smart Panels and Solar Panels Work Together

by Holly Jackson 5 months ago 5 MIN READ What are smart meters? How do smart meters and solar panels work together? Can you use solar panels without a smart meter? Smart meters and the Smart Export Guarantee Is a smart meter worth ...

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