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Sharp Homeowners Know June Is the Best Time to Do These 5 Things

You’ve noticed that you just don’t use all of the available space in your current home, and you’re ready to downsize. But as a cat owner, you’re concerned about how your feline friend will fare during the transition process. If you need alternate accommodations for your cat at any time while downsizing, Today, Dave Futch shares some tips to help you look for pet-friendly rentals online, thoroughly clean out your home for prospective buyers, and keep your pet calm as you travel to your new home.

Find a Pet-Friendly Rental

Maybe you’re not ready to buy a new home just yet, and when you relocate, you’d rather rent first while getting to know the area. You’ll need to specifically seek out rentals that allow pets and target pet-friendly neighborhoods. To find an apartment that welcomes pets, Cesar’s Way recommends searching for private landlords, as they might be more flexible when it comes to their pet policies. 

You can use an online rental search platform to easily filter for apartments listed as pet-friendly within your budget. You’ll also be able to input amenities you want, from the number of bedrooms and bathrooms to features like dishwashers or off-street parking. 

Tackle the Decluttering Process

Decluttering can take a while. Break up the process by cleaning out one room at a time. Hold on to essential and sentimental belongings, but be willing to part with anything you truly do not need anymore.

Make sure not to get rid of any items that your pet needs. Place any pet care items or toys into specific boxes on the morning of your big moving day, and ensure they are labeled properly. Keep them easily accessible as you pack up your car. Do not hand them over to the movers, as you don’t want to risk losing them. 

Prepare Your Home for Buyers

Before showing potential buyers around your home, you will have to find a place for your pet to stay during the tour. A friend or neighbor may be able to watch them, or you could budget for a spot at a pet hotel. 

Prior to tours, you’ll need to deep clean your home to get rid of any odors, hair, or dirt that may have been left by your pet. Maximum Exposure Real Estate recommends repairing or concealing any damage that your pet has caused, like scratches on furniture or hardwood floors, and having your carpet and flooring professionally cleaned.

Plan for a Smooth Move

To reduce your pet’s stress levels before you travel to your new home, spend time crate training them first. Ask your veterinarian if they have any recommendations for pheromone sprays that can calm your pet. As you pack up your car, keep your pet in one room in your house with the door closed so that they don’t try to bolt.

Help Your Pet Adjust

Your pet might seem nervous in your new home. Set up their litter box immediately, put out fresh food and water, and let them leave their carrier when they are ready. Before you let your pet explore the entire apartment, take the time to “pet-proof” each room by putting away any sharp objects or stray packing materials they might try to eat.

Finally, what your pet eats matters a lot. After all, their health can obviously have a big impact on their mood (and yours). So If you’re in search of beef dog food you can trust, check out this lip-smacking meat dog food.

Downsizing is a major project on its own, and it becomes even more complicated when you’re a pet owner. But moving to a smaller home could be the perfect lifestyle choice for you and your pet! With these tips, you’ll be able to find promising listings through a real estate search engine, declutter your space, and introduce your pet to your new home.

If you’re looking for a new home in Maui, Dave Futch is here to help! Call 808.280.9600.

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