New Pavilion and Roadway in Master Plan for Baldwin Beach Park, Paia

Baldwin Beach Park is one of the largest beach parks (55.87 ac.) in the Maui county’s system of parks and recreational facilities and is one of three major parks along Maui’s north shore that attract high levels of use.

The park has never had a master plan and includes a considerable amount of newly acquired land (25 acres) that can be developed for recreation.

Some of the critical issues the plan will address are:

  • What kinds of activities and facilities are needed to meet the needs of county residents;

  • How to address sea level rise

  • The size and location of parking

  • How to deal with drainage and flooding, and;

  • Managing overall use of the park.

The master plan is being prepared with the assistance of a twelve-member Project Advisory Committee (PAC), made up of local residents who each bring their own perspective and expertise.

Baldwin Park Masterplan

Moving the current pavilion inland, building another pavilion on the east end, installing a new roadway with a second entrance to Hana Highway and adding parking are part of the final concept for the Baldwin Beach Park master plan in Paia.

The plans also include a possible retention basin in the open field along the current road to the shoreline; the park often floods during heavy rainstorms.

The proposed roadway will wind west off the current access through the newly added lands with a second east entrance between the Paia Youth & Cultural Center and the current entrance. There also will be a new spur going makai to a cul-de-sac next to the Rinzai Zen Mission.

There also will be two parking lots along Hana Highway, camping areas, multiple playground and exercise facilities and sand berm restoration along the shoreline of the west end. The two pavilions each are planned for 6,000 square feet.

The consultant team is headed by DTL, LLC and includes sub-consultants PBR Hawaii (landscape architects), Sea Engineering, Aina Archeology, and J. Uno & Associates.

The Department of Parks and Recreation Master Plan was available for final public viewing from 4:30 to 7 p.m. Thursday at Paia Community Center.

For more information, contact Yamashita by phone at 270-6508 or by email at