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Maui is a model for how we can innovate to live sustainably in the future. It allows a family to live a big, happy, modern, convenient off-grid life in a 1,000 square foot home that functions like one twice its size.

Such as the homes and apartments built by the architectural and building organization, LifeEdited, which focuses on developing hyper-efficient, small-scale homes with moving parts.

LifeEdited began in 2010 when Graham Hill, founder of popular eco sustainability and design website TreeHugger, crowdsourced his 420 sft New York City apartment.

Over the past decade since, he has built a couple of tiny shape-shifting Manhattan apartments with sliding walls and expandable furniture, each of which served as his primary residence and a proof-of-concept for potential business partners.

Hill has also built a luxurious 4 bedroom, 2 .5 bathroom, off-grid home in Maui, completed in January for just under $1 million as a prototype with help from the architecture and engineering firm Hawaii Off-Grid.

“I’ve been doing environmental stuff for almost 20 years, and I had no idea how cool it would feel to be living off grid,” he said. “Done right, green can actually be more luxurious” than a conventional house.

The Luxury of Sustainability

The Luxury of Sustainability

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