Feeling Good about Doing Good - Baldwin Beach Clean-Up a Huge Success!

Presented by Surfrider Foundation and sponsored by Hawaii Life Real Estate Brokers, together with Dave’s inspiration and support as Event Organizer, more than 130 people gathered together to help call Maui “our shared home”, cleaning up over 2,000+ Pounds of Beach Garbage from Baldwin Beach. Wow!

Some of the beach garbage collected at Baldwin Beach

Some of the beach garbage collected at Baldwin Beach

It’s amazing what we can accomplish together when a spark of inspiration turns in to a ripple effect of change for the greater good of the whole - and this is exactly what happened when Dave inspired a beach clean-up on International Surfing Day, presented by Surfrider Foundation and sponsored by Hawaii Life Real Estate Brokers, at Baldwin Beach, Paia on Saturday, June 15th.

More than 130 people gathered together, including Hawaii Life Real Estate Agents, their friends and family members, local Maui residents and businesses during the event, to help call Maui “our shared home” and clean-up our local beaches.

Starting off with a one-hour morning yoga session, volunteers enjoyed both a physical lift as well as a spiritual lift, which engaged a sense of gratitude and appreciation for the beautiful beaches on Maui.

Volunteers then spread out and scoured the beaches and surrounding shoreline at Baldwin Beach, collecting more than 1,500 lbs. of large-ticket trash items, 114+ lbs. of recyclable items (or 4 huge bags), and 610+ lbs of general trash (or 15 huge bags).

Afterwards, volunteers enjoyed free food and refreshments as a reward for their positive efforts, with cold, shaved ice from Tobi’s Shave Ice, pizza from Flatbread Company and some delicious Paia Bay Coffee.


As a Maui real estate agent with Hawaii Life who has been surfing and kitesurfing on Maui for more than 30 years, Dave is committed to giving back by protecting the waves and local beaches he loves so much.

The Surfrider Foundation – Maui is an organization that Dave originally chose to support because their mission is so closely aligned with his own philanthropic purpose. The Surfrider Foundation is dedicated to the protection and enjoyment of the world's ocean and beaches through a powerful activist network across the World.

Dave Futch, REAL ESTATE AGENT OF HAWAII LIFE, with Christopher Robin of Surfrider Maui.

Dave Futch, REAL ESTATE AGENT OF HAWAII LIFE, with Christopher Robin of Surfrider Maui.

Dave’s specific role not only as the original inspiration behind the cleanup event, yet also as key Event Organizer, was to coordinate the volunteers with their tasks for the day, secure donations of food and drink for the volunteers and to manage the set up and breakdown of the tents and food service.

“I believe in the Surfrider Foundation’s mission and have chosen to support them,” Dave said.

“I also believe in the culture that Hawaii Life Real Estate Brokers has developed and when they decided to sponsor the Surfrider Foundation’s International Surfing Day beach cleanup at Baldwin Beach Park, I found my two “worlds of purpose” merge.”

“My purpose and goals were the same as those of Hawaii Life and of the Surfrider Foundation in that we are all driven to generate a greater sense of community - to reach above and to be involved in a higher purpose, bigger than our own personal agendas.”

“This effort was a continuation of my interest in volunteering for a cause that serves a bigger consciousness. I realize that the environment desperately needs our help and understand the serious consequences of neglecting our responsibilities to keep our environment clean, healthy and safe. I see the importance to live by example and hope that my enthusiasm is contagious, that others will join me”, he shared.

According to the Surfrider Foundation Representative, Christopher Robin, this particular beach clean up set the record for all of the previous events held on Maui!

Dave concludes “Well done and thank you so much to all who came out and made this event a huge success! Let’s continue to reverberate this positive behavior and watch it pyramid throughout the World!”