DAVE FUTCH, Realtor with over 26+ years experience

As a local Maui resident since 1988 and a Real Estate Agent since 1993, I have developed an extensive knowledge of this beautiful island, it’s diverse climates and topographies and also of the special types of communities around the island.

Pick your lifestyle, and I can take you there. I have a real passion for the ocean, Maui and my family! It was the ocean that brought me here. Growing up in Florida, I acquired a lifelong passion for surfing. My travels took me from Miami to Maui, and also introduced me to my future wife, Andrea. I fell in love with Andrea, then Maui and the rest is history.

Dave understands Maui home ownership, literally from the ground up.

Dave found his piece of paradise and built his family’s home from the ground up. Dave has always enjoyed carpentry and landscaping. While in college, he explored architecture and technical drawing. He employs these interests when renovating properties and when helping other folks to discover great opportunities. “I delight in helping them to realize their dream of finding a home they can make their own.”


A doting father to beautiful Sabrina, Dave still makes time for active involvement in our Maui community.

Our daughter, Sabrina, was born on Maui and has graduated from Haleakala Waldorf School then Seabury Hall and recently, the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD).

My wife, Andrea, is the After Care lead at Montesorri School in Makawao, tending to the youngsters who await their parents to pick them up from school.


I still make time for active involvement in our Maui community.

I am passionate about helping others live with a focus on sustainability of our planet and its resources.

To that end, I have joined the Surfrider Foundation and help coordinate events where we gather as a community and have fun, doing beach cleanups.

Our most recent event, held on International Surfing Day, brought over 150 people together where we did an extraordinary job at Baldwin Beach Park.


I have served 12 years as a Director on the Haleakala Waldorf School’s Board, chaired and served on their Building and Grounds Committee, and chaired the schools annual Holiday Faire food committee.

Even after after Sabrina graduated, my support for the kids continued. After chairing the Haleakala Waldorf High School Committee for ten years, I am proud to say that the school opened three years ago and all of the graduates have gone on to college. This may be my most significant legacy.

I am currently a Director on the Board of the Hawaii Association of Realtors, a member of the Maui Chamber of Commerce, the Board President of the Maui Executives Association, serving also as chair of both, the Membership and Ethics Committees. Meanwhile, I have served as the Board President of the Hea’aula Owners Association for over 25 years.


Still a passionate surfer, I have fallen in love with kitesurfing. I enjoy playing golf, snowboarding and really enjoy sharing my discoveries. Most of all, I enjoy being Andrea’s husband and Sabrina’s dad.

“I’ve always been a people person,” Dave acknowledges. “I pride myself on my integrity, hard work and enthusiasm – values my parents gave me. But what I really get a kick out of is making people happy.”

“I have known Dave Futch for many years. I find him to be one of the most highly motivated, creative and enthusiastic individuals I’ve ever had the pleasure to associate with. Whatever task he takes on, he pursues it with all his energy. Dave has a refreshingly personal touch that is hard to find in today’s marketplace. His people skills and sales skills leave everyone involved feeling like a winner.”
- Mark Phipps

Dave’s Personal Philosophy.

“I honor those individuals who have left a legacy, whether it’s inventing a light bulb or the
Theory of Relativity, quantum physics or Velcro. Helping other folks attain the home
they’ve always wanted-that’s a pretty good legacy, too.”
- Dave Futch






Alex Abreu

Alex Abreu